Saturday, 16 June 2012

IIT JEE 2011 Report

The JEE 2011 report is here. Comments:
1.      Most of the data is voluntary and unverified, so please  be careful while interpeting the data. We think  that  income information is particularly suspect.
2.      About 45% of the students who qualify are from CBSE. The  percentage appearing is similar. Why is it that with about 12% of the class XII students, CBSE applicants are so high?  Food for thought!
3.      Look at the “origin” of the qualified candidates.  Andhra Pradesh and Rajasthan with 2693 and 1931 successful candidates top the list. No surprise as the report says: “These figures are consistent with the data of JEE 2010 and with available data to show that a large number of JEE coaching centres operate out of these two states.”
4.      To further emphasise the point: city wise data – “Jaipur (read Kota)  leads with 1458 candidates followed by Hyderabad with 1307 candidates.” 

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